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i have to visit you because that way i can make an escape if i need to at any point and i can't do that if you visit me. i can't kick you out 15 mins after you get here because that would just be terrible for everyone.
why are you up all night? it is because sunlight is just too much? i have days like that. usually when the weather suddenly turns and it's a sunny 60 degree day and my body just can't take it and crashes. everyone else, however, frolicking around with their bubble coats open while i'm sweating Elvis.
you might not appreciate the gentle life, but for me it wields good things; such as life stories, hand-me-downs and the trust and affections of others who appreciate gentleness.
a classmate gave me a pot brownie because i smelled them in his bag. billy said i must have been a doberman in my former life.
funny, i haven't been as sensitive to noise since i got back from PR. thinking about traveling on my own soon.
he smiles at me in the morning in a way that makes me feel adored. that is my one comfort.
the rest of the time i feel like dying because everyone is so into money and processing their thoughts aloud and i don't know how to transform boredom and confusion into something more convenient.
and i'm lucky. i'm lucky to be complaining about these things.
in other news, my mother is a vegan because she said that all food should be offered to Krishna, who won't accept anything involving suffering.
i talked to everyone today trying to dilute some sticky thoughts and then plowed through a rough draft of a business plan, got outside later than 3 but it was still sunny and the trees are budding. i was hoping to touch a few hearts but my whole body ached. i long to be a professional cat. everything still hurts. i've been told it will all be over soon after they force me to buy a cap and gown.
Bart was cutting his hair behind the desk today as usual when he is nervous. a client had just accused him of ruining a 50 year old friendship because one of his employees disclosed that the recipient of the gift certificate wanted to regift it to someone else. one would think that within a 50 year relationship there would be some better, more in-depth grievances. but perhaps not. maybe every transaction these two women had with one another was scripted and immaculate like the surface of a new jar of peanut butter before a chopstick is inserted.

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