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I understand that many of you would like to hear about my mother. She lived in a closet under a bed in the attic for about 13 years. Inside the closet was a map of the world with an arrow made of cake which projected a simulation of any place it pointed to, for example, if she wanted to go a farm in Bavaria, all she would have to do is point to it, eat the cake, and there she would appear wearing Lederhosen. Quite a few of our family members disagreed with her chosen lifestyle, but it didn't bother me as long as it made her happy. Anyway, this simulation would only carry out for approximately 15 mins time before it looped back around to the beginning without the user knowing. So if for instance, there you are in your lederhosen conversing with a cow, discussing the difference between the scent of rain in September versus after the storms of early May; after 15 minutes you will be taken back to the beginning of the conversation when you are just introducing yourself as Simone Valmonte's mom. But this isn't frustrating at all to the user. She proceeded onward, completely unaware of this until about the 32nd time the simulation is played out in which case most humans begin to feel a sense of déjà vu.

I also know a boy who calls himself "the gentleman." Well actually I don't really know him. I know of him through a man who knows his dad. I tried getting him some show tickets today but they were sold out. I'll try again later. "The gentleman" I heard has superb motor skills for his age.

What they don't tell you is that you will be good at nothing for a while. That you will be pushing a rock so big that you will not be able to see what's ahead except you are going up a steady incline and there may be some potholes so you have to go slow. It is important to feel the terrain. You will forget who you thought you were but have flashbacks to those simpler times. You will be clumsy and if you pride yourself on being graceful it will make you cry and sweat at the same time. And you will greet people all wet with a fraction of your personality.

You guard your energy as if someone was going to steal it. But you can also take from others of you so wish. Maybe do an exchange on the next interaction. Try to concentrate on receiving if you already do fine with the giving part and vice versa. If you are looking to give away some energy, don't forget to spruce it up, give it a new coat of paint before handing it off.

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